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Innovative Workplace Design


Fitsout competition

Fitsout takes care of the full range of services required by the customer - designing, production, with all wood, metal, and plastic processing technologies under one roof.

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The table has three legs, so it's very stable and will never get shaky.

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Table legs can be folded inside for easier transportation and storage. The handle makes it easier to carry.

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The table is round because the corners in front of a regular rectangular table usually are not used, therefore our hands simply can’t reach them. Very often these corners of the table end up loaded with things we don’t need or use.


This table has spacious drawers that are inspired by the way human hands move - around. So, it’s really comfortable to use them. The table has a special place to keep a computer and holes for its charger inside of it. When working, this “drawer” can be opened up and used as a comfortable shelf for a computer. As it is better when a computer is at eye level.

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Joining two such tables together makes one large round table. It can be used for other occasions.

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